About 21


My name is Gemma Lynch, and this is my 21 site, where I will be recording the progress and outcome of my final degree project, which as mentioned is called 21!

The Project: The overall aim of this project is to create 21 illustrated images in 21 consecutive days. The process is interesting and allows for me to push my creativity to the limit and explore new techniques.

I decided to do this project as I feel passionate about illustration and I always have a million and one ideas for things I want to draw.

The Brief: Final Project Brief


Create 21 unique illustrations, over 21 consecutive days.

Why 21?

The reason for choosing the number 21 is simple; I like the numbers 2 and 1! I have also chosen 21 specific people who are important in my life to be part of the work, including my kids, family members, friends, fellow students and lecturers.

21 Subjects:

The subject for the illustrations will be randomly chosen from a selection of prewritten words. 21 people were selected to contribute 2 words, of their choice. The words will be placed in individual sealed envelopes and put in a container.


Two words will then be randomly drawn on a daily basis. The opening of the words will be video captured, and this will become part of the creation process. The development of the illustrations will be recorded and blogged on a daily basis as will the final illustration. The words are unknown to me and will be revealed only upon opening each envelope on the morning of the 21 days.


The blog will be maintained on a daily basis with information regarding the process, and the idea behind each of the illustrations as they develop. The final destination of the illustration will be a printed book, with each illustration taking up a double page spread.


The illustration will be created using techniques, material, that will be determined by the words selected. They may include vectors, hand drawn elements, digital marks, images, and video. The illustration may also end up being 3-dimensional, with a final image created for the book.


The recording of the process through video / still images will create a final video piece also to be placed on the website.


Submission Elements
21 Illustrations
48 Page book
Live Blog / Website
Video piece

This is gonna be oh so random!!! :)

Enjoy :)