Day 04…

Day 4


Oh no……today’s words are…..Future and Reflection!!!!


Now they are tough words.

A late start to the day!!! Am totally not sure what kind of image these words are going produce. Maybe something slightly abstract….or something to do with mirrors or something??? Don’t know…..need a serious brainstorm!


This is confusing me today!! I have been thinking that I could take a photo of an old person looking into a mirror and a young person looking back, or a reflection in water or a future world….or….a typography piece!!! Hmmmmmmmm……need to do more thinking!


I think I have decided what direction to take today. Am thinking a type piece will cover all aspects of these words……so, I have found a quote I may use…

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” – Soren Kierkengaard

…how cool is that quote??? :)


So…have been out in my garden taking photos like a weirdo!!! :)

I have decided use the quote and after a few hours messing around with fonts and stuff in illustrator, I decided I’d hand draw my version of Edwardian script. The words are backwards because I wanted them to be only readable when reflected in a mirror! Im going to check all my photos now and hopefully will be near to finishing!!!!


So…a million photos later…




…these are just a few ideas I was playing around with!

And so….I think I have decided on this one…..



Afterthoughts: So…that was a tough one!!! It was hard to decide on what way to do this project. My first thoughts led me to think of abstract images or things I that I could photograph, like a road leading off into the distance, or a persons reflection, but these type of images have been done a million times before.

After wrecking my head for a while I decided to use a quote I found while researching. I reckon it speaks for itself so I wont go on about why I chose it! :) I printed the quote, traced around it using the light-box, then I reversed what i had drawn to trace it backwards….although college closed early so I found a ready made light-box at home….ha….the window!!! Then I grabbed a few mirrors and went out to my garden to take photos while my neighbors had a sneaky peek out of their window wondering what the hell I was doing! :)

The final image that I chose was brought into Photoshop and changed to grey scale before exporting.

Tools Used: pen, paper, illustrator, photography, photoshop

And that’s it for another day! Tomorrow will be a bit different I have to work from home…hopefully ill get easy words!